Duncan I McEwan. Professional freelance photographer.
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Duncan I McEwan

Duncan McEwan has been photographing the Scottish landscape for over 45 years and remains as enthusiastic as ever about the opportunities it offers exness. Having started travelling abroad in 2005, he is more convinced than ever that Scotland is second to none when it comes to landscape photography.

Other interests include natural history, sport, and any aspect of outdoor photography. While landscape and natural history photography are often regarded as distinct disciplines, Duncan perceives them as being very much interlinked with the landscape being as much a part of the natural world as the organisms that colonise it. He promotes the beauty of the natural world through landscape and natural history photography, believing that a wider appreciation of the natural world can highlight the importance of conservation issues.

The search for new locations, or finding new angles on familiar ones, provides constant motivation. Strong compositions, mood and interesting lighting are always uppermost in his mind. In landscape photography, there is only so much that can be planned - so often it is the unexpected that provides the most exciting moments and having an open-minded approach can be highly rewarding and avoids disappointments. His favourite area is Lochaber, closely followed by locations in the West and North-west Highlands, as well as the Inner and Outer Hebrides. He is, however, equally happy photographing in Lowland Scotland where he sees the photographic challenges as being much greater exness thailand.


  • Extensive stock library of Scottish images covering landscape, nature, environment, sporting activities and events.
  • Landscape images feature in – magazines, calendars, brochures, books, greetings cards, Christmas cards, postcards, playing cards and tourist related materials.
  • Co-author of 3 books – with John Hannavy, Better Landscape Photography (1988);  with James McCarroll, Glasgow:The Classic Then and Now Photographs (2012)  and Glorious Glasgow (2014).
  • Work has been published in more than 25 countries.
  • Over twenty years experience as leader/organiser/tutor of photographic holidays and workshops, including ones for Light and Land, Photo Adventures, RPS, and Inversnaid Photography Centre.
  • Lecturer and judge for the Scottish Photographic Federation as well as being on the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain list of judges exness th.
  • Hon SPF for services to Club photography in Scotland.
  • Actively involved in Paisley Colour Photographic Club since 1972 and a former Chairman of the Paisley International Exhibition.
  • Uses Sony Alpha DSLR bodies and Alpha/Carl Zeiss lenses.
  • Former Advocate Photographer for Sony UK.
  • An official photographer with Team Scotland at 2006 (Melbourne), 2010 (Delhi) and 2014 (Glasgow) Commonwealth Games.
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