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The following lectures last around 90 minutes, preferably with a break exness, half to two-thirds of the way through, although continuous presentation is equally possible.
They are illustrated with either digitally projected images (D) or projected 35mm transparencies (S).

The lectures are aimed at photographic societies/clubs but some are suitable, or can be adapted, for other organisations.

Older slide lectures, not listed below, can be offered on request. 

ALBA with ALPHA (D) the Scottish landscape as captured with Sony Alpha DSLR cameras.  It covers vistas, details and abstracts throughout the four seasons and in all kinds of weather.  Special emphasis is given to light and composition.

THE GAMES (D) – images from the last 3 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006, Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014 where I was an accredited photographer with Team Scotland. Seventeen sports are represented and the talk describes the issues, techniques and demands of covering a multi-sport event where each sport requires a different approach.

GLORIOUS GLASGOW (D) -  based on the book of the same name by James McCarroll and Duncan McEwan (2014). A comprehensive guide to Glasgow’s heritage, architecture, character and open spaces, with information on the difficulties and techniques of photographing the urban landscape.

SUMMER IN SVALBARD (D) -  images from 2 trips to this Arctic archipelago, as far as 80o N. The wilderness nature of the landscape, dominated by barren rocks, ice and snow, as well as the flora, fauna, and history are explored in detail.

COMPOSITION IN LANDSCAPE (D) – some thoughts on the importance of composition in landscape photography, the vista as well as details – viewpoint, focal point, shapes, textures, balance, proportions, perspective are all considered.

LIGHT IN LANDSCAPE (D) – making the most of the varied lighting available for landscape photography.  Dawn and dusk may be best, but dull/rainy/stormy/sunny days offer great opportunities by selecting subjects that suit the prevailing light.

VISTA AND DETAIL (D) – the wideangle and telephoto/macro approach to landscape photography exness thailand.

FURTHER AFIELD (D) – travel photography covering landscape, people and wildlife opportunities in Australia, Botswana, India, Namibia, NZ, South Africa and Arctic Svalbard.


SLIDE PRESENTATIONSa reminder of the beautiful qualities of transparency film!

SCOTLAND: LAND OF LIGHT (S) – an illustration of the power of light in landscape photography.  Scotland can claim some of the finest quality light to be found anywhere in the world and this talk illustrates the way in which light, in all its forms, can inject mood and drama into a landscape.

SCOTLAND: LAND OF LANDSCAPES (S) -  what Scotland has to offer the landscape photographer, from the Lowlands to the Highlands, -  light, mood, weather, seasons, mountains, lochs, moorland, coast and castles – the elements for good landscapes and where to find them.

SCOTLAND: AROUND THE EDGES (S) -  an exploration of the Scottish coastline and a portrayal of the images that can be created using sea, rocks, shore, sand, dunes, erosion, maritime history,  weather and dramatic light - landscapes/seascapes as well as patterns, details and natural history of the coast.

LANDSCAPE COMMANDMENTS (S) – covers the 10 most important principles for successful landscape photography.  This talk contains many comparison images and sequences to illustrate how improvements can be made through the application of good technique.

SPECIAL BREW (S) - a look at how to make effective use of colour, light and composition across a wide range of subject matter, including landscape, natural history, sport and people.

OUT & ABOUT (S) – This presentation describes my personal approach to outdoor photography – where to find subjects and how to photograph them.  It covers the same diverse range of subject matter as the Special Brew lecture.

I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD .....(S) - a presentation on the exciting opportunities of visiting new countries for the first time with images from South Africa, Namibia, NZ, Australia, Seychelles and encountering new environments such as deserts, geothermal, glacial and different vegetation types exness th.

SOUTHERN LIGHT (S) – demonstrates that good light is not the provenance of any one country, nor is it beyond the reach of the “travel” photographer.  It comprises eye-catching images taken in the Southern Hemisphere including New Zealand, South Africa and Seychelles.

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